Dragonfly Environmental’s skills in large scale plantings are highly respected throughout the ecological restoration industry – so highly respected that our competitors sometimes hire us to do the planting components of their jobs for them!

Our team are highly experienced at installing large numbers of plants quickly and efficiently in such a way as to ensure a very high survival rate. We can plant 4,000-8,000 plants per day, install irrigation and carry out ongoing maintenance to ensure that 90-95% of all planted stock survives the initial tricky establishment phase.

We’re also used to working in difficult terrain such as wetlands, steep slopes and heavy clay soils and can provide plants grown from provenance stock from one of our two in-house nurseries.

Services include:

  • Planting plans and designs
  • Plant supply, specialising in water plants and native species
  • Planting – large scale projects with over 2.5 million plants planted in the past 8 years
  • Planting size from 3m trees to cell stock
  • Wetland and waterway specialists
  • Landscape works of soil preparation, mulching, fencing and irrigation
  • Maintenance of planted areas
  • Certification of planting projects
  • Assist with community planting days

Some of our key planting projects include:

  • Stormwater harvesting facility at Rooty Hill – Dragonfly Environmental planted 65, 000 wetland plants
  • World’s largest ever saltmarsh reconstruction at Port Botany – Dragonfly Environmental planted 220,000 saltmarsh plants
  • Cronulla industrial site – Dragonfly Environmental planted 300,000 dune plants
For more information on our planting services call us on (02) 9918 4486 or email us at