Steam Weeder

With spray drift a risk, it can lead to damage in human health, environmental contamination, and property damage. There has been a big movement within councils in Australia to move away from herbicides and glyphosates spraying and towards a non-toxic weed control solution for effectively maintaining healthy public spaces in urban environments.

Dragonfly Environmenta has been trialling this method and we have had fantatsic results.  The steam weeder uses superheated water (above 100oC). It does not boil due to pressurisation of the water. As it depressurises it explodes into saturated steam which causes thermal shock. The pressurised hot steam, ruptures plant cells resulting in the decomposition of plant soft tissue. Prolonged contact of the steam on the plant kills the above ground portion of the plant. This method uses water only, eliminating the need to use any chemicals, Super-heated saturated steam has been found to be the most effective in killing weeds.

If you would to learn more about the steam weeder contact our staff at Dragonfly who will be more than happy to guide you through the process.