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Dragonfly Environmental are one of Sydney’s leading providers of bush regeneration services, working for Councils, developers, golf courses and government bodies from Avalon to Campbelltown and beyond.  We work in a wide diversity of environments ranging from saltmarsh, sand dunes and freshwater wetlands to ridgetops and the Cumberland Plain, many of  which form part of endangered or critically endangered ecological communities.

The majority of Dragonfly Environmental’s bush regeneration team members have 5-10 years experience in the industry and substantial local knowledge of the areas they work.  We also take on keen trainees to ensure that the industry has a strong future.

Services include: 

Natural area restoration

  • Bush regeneration
  • Specialists in working in endangered ecological communities and with threatened species
  • Site rehabilitation plans and grant works
  • Implementation of Vegetation Management Plans

Bush fire management

  • Pre-fire ecological assessments
  • Pre-fire site preparation
  • Pile burns
  • Approvals and associated reporting for broad acre burns
  • Post-fire maintenance
  • Ecological monitoring pre and post fire
  • Asset protection zone maintenance

Seed collection and plant supply

  • Seed collection and relevant licenses and approvals
  • Native plant supply
  • Planting

Weed management

  • Noxious weed control (aquatic and terrestrial)
  • Target and broad area weeding


  • Bushcare volunteer supervision
  • Bushcare site plans
  • Assistance at tree planting or weed management days
  • Education and training

Some of our key bush regeneration projects include:

  • Dee Why Lagoon – Dragonfly Environmental are working to restore this beautiful, well loved site where five different endangered ecological communities nestle together in the space of a few hectares.
  • Lane Cove National Park – Dragonfly Environmental are responsible for maintaining areas of saltmarsh and freshwater wetland around Buffalo Creek, Rudder Creek and Quibray Bay on  behalf of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Field of Mars (southern section) – Dragonfly Environmental are restoring remnant bushland and a creekline, as well as a former works depot site that is slowly returning to nature, adjacent to the area’s historic cemetery.
  • Campbelltown Golf Course – Dragonfly Environmental are controlling weeds and planting local provenance seed in areas of remnant Cumberland Plain Woodland.
  • Hornsby Wetlands – Dragonfly Environmental manage 16 wetlands and creekline sites across the Hornsby Shire Council area.
  • Trenerry Reserve, Coogee – part of the iconic Coastal Walk, Dragonfly Environmental manage this beautiful area of clifftop heath and hanging swamp.
For more information on our bush regeneration services call us on (02) 9918 4486 or email us at contact@dragonflyenv.com.au.