Protecting the Critically Endangered Bankstown Guinea Flower

In January 2018, we won a contract to undertake some bush regeneration around a very special species.

Hibbertia puberula ssp. glabrescens is recorded as only occurring at one place, so our actions will be essential to its survival. We were delighted that it was still flowering (usually October – December) at our first visit in January.

This population was discovered in 2006 and sits within what would have been part of the Georges River Alluvium Floodplain Communities.

We will be following very strict hygiene protocols every time we visit the site to avoid bringing any potential pathogens in. Works will focus on removing exotic grasses by hand that are encroaching on the populations.

These grasses include:

  • African Lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula).
  • Whiskey Grass (Andropogon virginicus)
  • Kikuyu (Pennisetum clandistenum)
  • Buffalo Grass (Stenotaphrum secondatum)

We will be working alongside Kingfisher Urban Ecology and Wetlands, who will be monitoring and reporting on the Hibbertia populations to the Client.

Visit our Plant of the Month for January for a description and photos of this beautiful species.













Here is picture of our dedicated team – Mel, Maya and Elise at our first site visit.