Trenerry Reserve Bush Regeneration


Client name: Randwick City Council
Duration: 2014 – 2018
Location: Coogee, NSW

Trenerry Reserve is a recreational reserve situated on the picturesque southern headland of Coogee Bay, providing visitors with the valuable opportunity to reconnect with nature. Dragonfly Environmental was engaged by Randwick City Council to perform bush regeneration throughout the reserve with the aims of maintaining relatively low weed levels whilst facilitating the recovery of native vegetation coverage and diversity.

Dragonfly Environmental’s bush regeneration work zones contain a beautiful wet heath vegetation community, sitting on a rich peat bed and sustained by a groundwater seep from a shale lens and drainage from the surrounding catchment. The vegetation community is characterised by a diversity of sedges including Bare Twigrush (Baumea juncea) and Tassel Sedge (Carex fascicularis) with the interspersed herbs Pale Pipewort (Eriocaulon scariosum), Angled Lobelia (Lobelia alata) and Arrowgrasses (Triglochin spp.) with a shrub layer consisting of Heath Myrtle (Baecka imbrica), Coastal Rosemary (Westringia fruticosa) and White Correa (Correa alba).

The vegetation on site is considered to be significant habitat for a wide range of local fauna. Small birds including Superb Fairy Wrens, New Holland Honey Eaters and Silver Eyes were observed to be frequent inhabitants of the reserve. Larger species including Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and Nankeen Kestrests were observed visitors, utilising the reserve for its foraging and roosting habitat. Frogs can almost always be heard through the wetland, with the most common species observed being the Brown Striped Marsh Frog and the Common Eastern Froglet.

Within the wetland, Dragonfly has been trialling flame weeding of the aquatic weeds, with a particular focus on Watercress (Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum) with great early results. The mature watercress does not appear to survive application of heat and the reduction of this exotic plant biomass is providing opportunities for the native herbs and sedges to increase their cover. Our team has additionally collected seed from a patch of native Tassel Sedge with plans to scatter throughout the flamed sections to assist in the regeneration of native species, giving them a competitive edge against weeds and to further stabilise the soil.

The Dragonfly Environmental team are grateful to have the opportunity to do continued work and monitoring within such a beautiful reserve. We are optimistic about the future prospects for the regenerated areas following our resounding flame weeding successes and observed native vegetation cover expansions.

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