This project involved undertaking bush regeneration activities within Caddies Creek in Rouse Hill. The site is 16.7ha in size and is located approximately 34km northwest of Sydney CBD. We were engaged by Kingfisher Ecology to do this project.

Our Site Supervisor, Jake Proust, lead hard working crew members, Darrel Davies and Julian Reyes (both also awesome Site Supervisors), and our Natural Area Specialists, James Dunn, Josh Higgs and Blake Hawke in this epic project.

We had very optimistic targets to meet for this project! Over the two month period we had to reduce the Privet infestations (primarily Ligustrum sinense) in Zones 1, 2 and 3 (seen in Figure 1 below) by 60-70%. We achieved our goals and we have some great before and after shots (as well as a time lapse video) seen below!

Figure 1 Map of Caddies Creek Work Zones.

Jake recorded a time lapse of half an hour of their work! Check it out: Video 2-3-18, 10 05 36 am