Bush Regeneration at Freshwater Dunes

We are stoked to share with you that we have just won another contract for the Dune system at Freshwater Beach for works to be completed in June this year!

Previously, we carried out bush regeneration over the months of February 2017- June 2017 in the dune bays south of Freshwater Beach Surf Club for our client Northern Beaches Council. This bush regeneration contract was funded by the NSW Trade and Investment – Crown Land: Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP).  The primary objective was to control widespread invasive weed species and re-vegetate the dune bays with plants supplied by Warringah Nursery. This was to provide habitat for native fauna, protect the coastal zone from erosion and improve the aesthetics of the area.

Primary, maintenance and planting works were undertaken by Dragonfly Environmental and, as all our works are, the works were undertaken by trained and qualified bush regenerators. Due to the experience and hard work of the Dragonfly team, works were successful in achieving a significant reduction in weeds and re-vegetation of the dune bays. Approximately 2500 native tube stock were planted, and have now established well. All plantings were irrigated for a few weeks after planting events. Maintenance works continued to suppress and control all weed species throughout these areas.

Maintenance works were also undertaken in areas that had been planted in previous years, to control any weed species from re-establishing within these areas.

A major win for this project was the control of all mature Lantana camara throughout the southern dune bays. This has allowed for native shrubs and dune species to re-establish within the foredune area.

Overall this area of Freshwater Dunes has improved significantly over the last 3 years due to grant works within the area. We are excited at the opportunity to continue works that will help to improve and maintain this beautiful, popular beach and dune system.