Dragonfly Environmental has a dedicated team of over 50 environmental professionals that continues to grow.

Some of our key team members are outlined below:

the team bannerAandrendre Olson – Director and Aquatic Ecologist

Andre is the Director and Founder of Dragonfly Environmental and has grown the business from 3 individuals to an efficient, enthusiastic and passionate team of more than 50 people. Andre has over 20 years experience in practical ecology including carrying out extensive terrestrial and aquatic ecological restoration, maintenance and monitoring and designing and constructing functional ecosystems (particularly wetlands) from scratch.

His knowledge and technical expertise is industry leading – he is the expert other experts come to for advice!




Liz Graham – Project and Operations Manager Liz

Liz has a wealth of on-ground and project management experience including 3 years in-field bush regeneration work. As the project and operations manager she is responsible for the Dragonfly team, assigning tasks, and ensuring project efficiency.  She conforms to the high standards that the company has set for itself over the last 20 years.

Liz is highly organised with excellent attention to detail and is an effective team leader and communicator.



UntitledJames Dalby-Ball – Site Supervisor & Special Projects Manager

James has been supervising bush regeneration and restoration projects for over 10 years. He has excellent project management and team leadership skills with extensive plant and weed identification knowledge.  Along with his highly developed bush regeneration skills, his work managing Dragonfly Environmental’s special projects has given him significant experience in the construction and installation of a wide range of restoration projects throughout NSW.





Jennifer Coleman – Site Supervisor and Project Liaison 

Jen has been a Site Supervisor at Dragonfly Environmental for 4 years and has been a been a qualified Bush Regenerator based on the northern beaches for 6 years. Her experience and expertise has enabled her to complete a range of projects from Saltmarsh translocation to the effective control of weeds in a range of environments including endangered ecological communities. She is incredibly passionate about coastal and wetland vegetation communities. Jen also acts as liaison between our other site supervisors and our project/operations manager (Liz) to ensure effective and efficient communication between our teams. Her desire to make all of our projects a success independent of budgets makes Jen an invaluable team member.



adrianAdrian Visintin – Site Supervisor and Project Liaison

Adrian began working with Dragonfly Environmental in early 2016. He has been working in the bush regeneration field since 2014, possesses excellent plant identification skills and has an extensive knowledge of Cumberland Plain Woodland. He has been involved in a wide variety of large scale planting and riparian stabilisation projects. Adrian is very passionate about including native fauna habitat features as part of works on site, in particular for Micro-bats and the Endangered Cumberland Plain Land Snail. Adrian is also familiar with a variety of sandstone, saltmarsh and wetland communities.



joshJosh Lane – Depot Manager and Site Supervisor

Josh began working for Dragonfly Environmental in early 2015, after gaining knowledge and practical experience working in bush regeneration in Western Sydney. Due to his vast practical knowledge of tools, Josh was offered the position of Depot Manager in early 2016, a role he carries out in between maintaining his bush regeneration skills.

Josh is currently completing his Diploma in Conservation and Land Management.




Julian Reyes – Site Supervisor

Julian is an energetic, self-motivated and organised Site Supervisor for Dragonfly Environmental. With a hands-on approach to site and team management, he has a proven record of successfully obtaining site objectives and aims for both employers and clients. Julian has a background in environmental science, completing a Bachelor of Advanced Science, majoring and attaining Honours 1 in Ecology.

Julian is focused on expanding knowledge of Bush Regeneration tools and techniques, as well as native and weed plant identification.




Rachael Buzio – Site Supervisor

Rachael began working for Dragonfly Environmental part-time in 2013 as a Natural Area Specialist. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Marine Science and a Certificate III and Diploma in Conservation and Land Management (CLM). On completing her studies in CLM in 2014, she continued to work part-time as a Site Supervisor for Dragonfly Environmental and went into natural resource management in local government. Deciding that her passions lay in field-based ecological restoration, she joined the team full-time in 2016.




darrelDarrel Davies – Site Supervisor

Darrel has been working with Dragonfly Environmental since 2011 and has extensive on-ground Bush Regeneration experience in a variety of Sydney vegetation communities including Endangered Ecological Communities. Darrel completed his Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management in 2016.

He has an excellent working knowledge of Bush Regeneration techniques and plant ID. His friendly attitude and dedicated work ethic ensures that each project is completed efficiently and effectively.




Jake Proust – Site Supervisor

Jake has been working in the industry since 2006, and as a result has extensive knowledge of native and weed plant identification and bush regeneration techniques. Jake is extremely passionate about the industry, which is evident in his works.





Julianne Noble – Site Supervisor

Julianne commenced with Dragonfly Environmental in 2017, with multiple years experience within the industry. Julianne has a strong passion for the industry, is always willing to learn and try new techniques. Julianne has strong plant ID and bush regeneration techniques, as well as strong leadership and team building skills.




Lucien Wichmann – Chemical Free Weed Control Supervisor

Lucien has been working with Dragonfly Environmental since 2017 and quickly moved into a Supervisor role, managing one of our major projects – the Chemical Free Weed Treatment of the Inner West Local Government Area. Works involve chemical free weed treatment of bushland, reserves, roadsides and raingardens. His natural passion to protect people and the environment by being on the forefront of using non-chemical alternatives in urban and bushland landscapes makes Lucien a welcome member to the Dragonfly Team.
He has strong leadership, time management and client liaison skills.




jozJocelyne Mory – Leading Hand

Jocelyne has worked with Dragonfly Environmental for over 8 years and is a long-term and highly skilled Bush Regenerator with over ten years of on- ground experience. She possesses excellent plant identification, seed collection and propagation skills and has extensive experience working in Endangered Ecological Communities all over Sydney.

Jocelyne has taken the role of Leading Hand where she has demonstrated her ability to effectively manage the team and achieve fantastic results at her sites.




davidDavid Chorobski – Leading Hand

David has several years of experience as a Bush Regenerator obtained after completing his Bachelor of Science Degree and Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management. He was so dedicated to his studies that he won an award for his efforts in the Certificate III at the Northern Sydney Institute. He has detailed understanding of the natural sciences to complement his hands on practical experience, making him an effective Bush Regenerator and all around environmental professional.

He has a passion for botanical identification and experimenting with bush regeneration techniques to achieve consistent, long term cost effective results across his bush regeneration sites. His fantastic communicative skills,  have allowed him to effective provide support and manage a team.


Robert Brothers – Leading Hand

Robert has been working with Dragonfly Environmental since 2017. Robert is a very enthusiastic employee, who is dedicated to all projects he works on. He has strong communication skills, has a friendly attitude and is very good at working alongside our clients to reach projects milestones, and as a result is a great asset to Dragonfly Environmental.




Rachel Dryden – Leading Hand

Rachel has several years of experience as a Bush Regenerator with Dragonfly Environmental. She completed her Certificate 3 in Conservation and Land Management in 2017, and due to her knowledge and experience was promoted to a Leading Hand role. Rachel is a dedicated employee, who shows real enthusiasm and passion for the Industry. Rachel has fantastic communication skills and a positive attitude to all sites worked on.



Tom Hemsley – Leading Hand

Tom has been working with Dragonfly Environmental since 2017. He is a very enthusiastic employee, who is dedicated to all projects he works on. He has strong communication skills, has a friendly attitude and is very good at working alongside our clients to reach projects milestones, and as a result is a great asset to Dragonfly Environmental.





Kirby Medway – Leading Hand

Kirby has been working with Dragonfly Environmental since 2017, and quickly stepped into a Leading Hand role due to his dedication, passion and assertiveness. He works alongside Lucien on the Chemical Free Weed Treatment of the Inner West Local Government Area.