Dragonfly Environmental has a dedicated team of over 50 environmental professionals that continues to grow.

Some of our key team members are outlined below:

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Aandrendre Olson – Director / Aquatic Ecologist

Andre is the Director and Founder of Dragonfly Environmental and has grown the business from 3 individuals to an efficient, enthusiastic and passionate team of more than 50 people. Andre has over 20 years experience in practical ecology including carrying out extensive terrestrial and aquatic ecological restoration, maintenance and monitoring and designing and constructing functional ecosystems (particularly wetlands) from scratch. His knowledge and technical expertise is industry leading – he is the expert other experts come to for advice!

To contact Andre…

E andre@dragonflyenv.com.au


Geraldene Dalby-Ball – General Manager / Principal Ecologist

Geraldene is a Biobank Accredited Principal Ecologist with over 20 years wetland and urban ecology experience. Geraldene holds a wealth of extensive technical and on-ground knowledge. Currently managing the overall running of Dragonfly Environmental alongside Andre, Geraldene ensures the business continues to meet and excel in our Valuable Final Product – On ground Excellence.

To contact Geraldene…
E gm@dragonflyenv.com.au


Edwina Matthes – Operations Manager

Edwina has worked across multiple areas of the Dragonfly business, making her uniquely good at her role where she interfaces between staff, clients, management, and sub-contractors. Edwina is organised, a clear communicator, and skilled at managing a wide range of projects all at different stages and with different needs. She manages the ever-shifting puzzle of client needs, staff availabilities and locations, and projects with skill and a sense of humour. She is passionate about keeping the Dragonfly team safe.

To contact Edwina..

E projects@dragonflyenv.com.au




James Dalby-Ball – Site Supervisor / Special Projects 

James has been supervising bush regeneration and restoration projects for over 10 years. He has excellent project management and team leadership skills with extensive plant and weed identification knowledge.  Along with his highly developed bush regeneration skills, his work managing Dragonfly Environmental’s special projects has given him significant experience in the construction and installation of a wide range of restoration projects throughout NSW.




Darrel Davies – Site Supervisor / Special Projects

Darrel has been working with Dragonfly Environmental for 8 years now and has extensive on-ground Bush Regeneration experience in a variety of Sydney vegetation communities including Endangered Ecological Communities. He has an excellent working knowledge of Bush Regeneration techniques and plant ID. His friendly attitude and dedicated work ethic ensures that each project is completed efficiently and effectively.






David Chorobski – Site Supervisor

David joined Dragonfly Environmental in 2015 and has several years of experience as a Bush Regenerator. David has a detailed understanding of the natural sciences to complement his hands-on practical experience, making him an effective Bush Regenerator and all around environmental professional.





Leading Hands

Our Team of Leading Hands are individuals who will sure enough be our company’s next group of young leaders. They are passionate, hard-working and can be considered as the Site Supervisors / Acting Site Supervisors right-hand men and women.

Natural Area Specialists

The on-ground crew are passionate, determined, hard-working and passionate people! We pride ourselves in everything that we do and continue to work together to ensure that Dragonfly Environmental delivers what’s promised to our Clients.