Engineers Australia Award for Excellence in 2011

Dragonfly Environmental were awarded an Engineers Australia Award for Excellence in 2011 for carrying out the world’s largest ever saltmarsh re-creation, undertaken in Penrhyn Estuary, Botany Bay, as part of works to mitigate the impact of nearby port infrastructure expansion.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the project.

Dragonfly Environmental Port Botany

Sustainability in Business at the Pittwater Council 2011 Sustainability Awards

Dragonfly Environmental won a Pittwater Sustainability Award for reducing its business operations’ carbon footprint.

This was achieved by completing a greenhouse gas inventory which included direct emissions from the companies fleet fuel combustion as well as fuel from equipment
such as brush cutters and chainsaws and emissions from electricity and waste streams and green waste from outdoor works. The actions that are being taken to reduce these Green-house emissions are detailed in the Company Carbon Action Plans.

In addition, Dragonfly Environmental works require an abundance of materials.  As a result, Dragonfly Environmental actively purchases materials that have come from waste streams (mulch, soil, wood and stone).  In design works it is specified that materials used are recycled / reused materials so that our Clients can also minimise purchasing from raw materials.

Furthermore, Dragonfly Environmental has replaced the use of herbicide where ever possible with use of other techniques such as thermal weeding which is especially effective in water-ways.  Dragonfly Environmental also has minimal paper use with a high level of automation of forms and electronic-applications via mobile phones and electronic forms.

Lastly, Dragonfly Environmental’s nursery uses water tanks to provide much of the water used and for water-plants large pots are filled with water then left for weeks.


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Chemical Free Weed Management. Read this informative article here.

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2012 Media Release – Changes Afoot at Warriewood Wetlands

Responsible for controlling approximately 80% of aquatic weeds in Warriewood Wetlands, an article was released in Pittwater Online News paying homage to Dragonfly Environmental’s successful work.

Visit the link to read the article: Changes Afoot at Warriewood Wetlands

Dragonfly Environmental featured for winning the Sustainability in Business Award 2011 

Dragonfly Environmental featured in the Manly Daily

Manly Daily

DFE featured in Pittwater Online News

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority – 2010 Community Forum

Mia Dalby-Ball formerly from Dragonfly Environmental spoke at the 2010 Community Forum on spiritual connections to the land.

Conference PR_0001